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aaaaaaa [12] – v. to be provoked to tears by a sensory trigger before your brain even registers why you are crying:

After the funeral, her friends grew accustomed to her unpredictable bouts of aaaaaaa[12]ing. They began driving her places because they feared heraaaaa[3]ing could cause her to crash. 


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aaaaaaaaaaaa [42] – n. date that a person becomes older than a loved one who has died:

The aaaaaaaaa[41]s   aaaaaaaaaa [22]s grew louder and more agitated as the days crept closer to the aaaaaaaaaaaa [42] for her older brother.


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aaaaaaaa [19]  – n. family or community that forms in wake of tragedy:

When the aaaaaaa[81] started, she became more grateful for the aaaaaaaa [19] who were able to share her grief.


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aaaaaaaa [48] – v. (becoming obsolete) to call the answering machine of a deceased person:

The semi aaaaaaaaa[74]  could momentarily pretend that her mom was going to come back home soon each time she aaaaaaaa [48]ed.


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aaaaaaaaa[66] – n.  seemingly inconsequential decision that is later discovered to have drastically pivoted the course of someone’s life:

When the flight attendant agreed to fill in for a sick crew member, no one realized that this aaaaaaaaa[66] would get her killed. 

illustrative reversible text by guest artist, Barry Duncan, available here


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aaaaaa[1] – n. place where a deceased person was last seen alive by the speaker:

She did not register where her brother’s aaaaaa[1] was until she passed it and was aaaaaaa[12]ed.