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aaaaaaaaa[171]– v. to pre-grieve or to experience anticipatory grief:

When she attended the funeral for a friend’s father, she noticed that she was imagining her own life as a semiaaaaaaaaa[74]. Was this empathy or was she aaaaaaaaaa[171]ing her own father as a way to mitigate anticipated pain?


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aaaaaaaaaaa[67] – n. morbid curiosity about the person who killed someone that you knew:

On nights when she could not sleep, her aaaaaaaaaaa[67] would prompt her to google the name of the person who killed her parents.


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aaaaaaaa[8] – n. an uninformative or vague obituary often about a younger person who died in a mass tragedy:

Mass shootings, bombings, and other disasters must be overwhelming for obituary writers especially when children are involved. Our templates for tributes are designed for adults and to develop something beyond an aaaaaaaa[8] takes significantly more time and creativity.


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aaaaaa[135] – n. deluge of paperwork that occurs after someone dies:

There is something so soul crushing about answering the same questions over and over again as mourners wade through the aaaaaa[135]. Encountering aaaaaaaaaa[125] along the way can sink you for at least a week or more.


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aaaaaaaaa[136] – v. to awkwardly adjust verb tenses after a person dies:

The early stages of grieving where almost every conversation stalled while she aaaaaaaaa[136]ed reminded her of the awkwardness, frustration, and embarrassment of learning to drive a stick shift.


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aaaaaaa[58] – n. milestone or important event that the deceased will not be able to attend:

When a aaaaaaaaa[74] graduates from college is one of the painful aaaaaaa[58]s that people often do not anticipate.

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aaaaa[137] – v. [rare] to mix cremains into ceramic glaze so that they can decorate an object instead of being contained by one:

It was unclear whether her desire to have her ashes aaaaa[137]ed would prove to be a aaaaaaaaa[96]. Perhaps it was just a matter of finding a willing potter.


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aaaaaaa[93] – v. [rare] to be entombed in a boulder

He had always planned to have his ashes scattered from a cliff until noticed a plaque along his favorite hiking path that described a man aaaaaaa[93]ed at the scenic overview. His children wished that he had investigated how to accomplish this aaaaaaaaa [96] before he had it added to his will.


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aaaaaaaaa [96] – n. dying wish or posthumous request that is absurdly challenging or impossible to fulfill:

The aaaaaaaaa[74]s wished that there was a way to send a message to their parents when they had accomplished the aaaaaaaaa [96]. In spite of all ridiculous obstacles and challenges working against them, they had repaired their relationship.