_____[20] – n. discomfort or embarrassment about how or why someone died:

Her friends were confused by the semi_____[74]s seething _____[31] towards her father. The family could not admit that had died at his mistress’ house because of   _____[20] it caused their mother.


_____ [88] – n. family member of a mass murderer:

Because another author is both a  _____[49] and an  _____ [88], she opened her speech by apologizing to anyone in the audience who may have been hurt by her son’s actions. Her complex mixture of grief, _____ [31], and _____[20] strained her voice and _____ [12] despite her obvious intention to remain calm.


_____[86] – adj. covered in someone else’s blood:

He was in shock and _____ [86]ed when his parents finally found him. When they explained that he was a_____[41]  because his sister had not escaped the gunman, he collapsed.


_____[41] – n. a person who has lost a sibling:

Did you know that medical studies have found that female  _____[41]s  are more likely to die from heart attack and or stroke after the death of a sibling, compared to people who had not lost a sibling?


_____[116]  – n. site of an accident or tragedy:

The teachers debated whether it was worse to have to face the _____[116] every day when they returned to school or to have the building torn down and observe how their fellow teacher’s sacrifice became more of a _____[157] with each new wave of incoming students.



_____[52] n. surrogate for a dead person:

As they waited for the sushi to arrive, he was hyper-aware that everyone at the table was there as a _____[52] for the birthday boy.

20160121_215609Photographic illustration of _____[52]


_____[109] – n. a memorial with a a sense of humor: 

The aaaaaaaaa[41] was lost in memories as she headed back to the car. Fortunately, she glanced down just in time to avoid stepping on a makeshift_____[109]for a tiny rodent resident of the neighborhood. As she cackled her dead brother did not seem so distant.

photographic illustration available here

another photographic illustration available here


_____[2] – n. [usually plural] grooves left in face or hand cream from the last time a loved one’s fingers reached in:

_____[113]ing her mother’s medicine cabinet, she discovered a jar of hand cream. Its _____[2]s and floral _____ [9] immediately _____[12]ed.


_____[3] – v. to drive and cry simultaneously:

In the quasi- privacy of her car as she commuted, she could not escape her overwhelming grief. As tears blurred her vision, she wondered how many accidents had been caused by _____[3]ing.


_____[34] – 1. n. hole or space in the ground where your home used to be located;

_____[34] – 2. n. the grave where a spouse or lover is buried:

She immediately pulled over the first time she drove by her family’s old home and discovered the _____ [34] because she was afraid that she might begin to _____[3]. Strangely, she was so disoriented by the unrecognizable landscape that it did not _____ [12].

a driveway that no longer leads up to the space where a house used to stand

Photographic illustration of _____[34]