_____[147] – n. someone who survives the deaths of multiple spouses:

The_____[74] was bewildered by which details to put on her mother’s tombstone or where to bury her. As a _____[147] who had two late husbands and one current “companion”, there were many options but none of them felt comfortable.


_____[100] – n. first funeral you ever attend:

Another researcher emphasized that people in Black communities tend to be significantly younger than their White counterparts when they attend their _____[100] because of the inescapable violence these communities face.


_____[119]– n. weight of knowing that you took someone’s life:

When she read about a two year-old who accidentally shot and killed his brother, she wondered how the_____[41] would process the_____[119] later in life.


_____[60]– n. volunteer pallbearer for a aaaa[73] (most commonly a veteran):

His experience as a _____[60] in high school encouraged him to volunteer to aaaaaaaaaa[54] after he graduated from college and made him more comfortable around death.


_____[73] – n. person without any living family or friends who dies without any mourners:

The _____[60] was saddened that she knew so little about the homeless veteran they were burying who was a _____[47] of his military unit as well as a _____[73].


_____[47] – n. the last surviving member of a group or family:

Can you imagine how isolated you would feel if you were the _____ [47] speaker of a language on the brink of extinction?


_____[11]  – n. mourning ritual where a person does not throw away anything that belonged to the deceased: 

Even though the house is filled with objects, photos, and smells that_____[12], both siblings were adhering to their family’s unspoken_____[11].


_____[279]  – n. feeling of isolation or disconnection caused by wanting to be with other mourners but being unable to travel to memorial services because of finances, work, school, immigration status, imprisonment, quarantine, etc:

A few months after his sister’s death, the _____[41]‘s father died but he could not afford to fly back to South America again. Intense waves of _____[279] overwhelmed him until he was able to visit his father’s grave.


_____[54]  – v. to comfort a dying stranger: 

The _____[39] ’s guilt about her partner dying alone prompted her to volunteer to _____ [54] at a local hospital.


_____ [70] – v. to lose a fundamental part or parts of your identity:

_____[49]s of an only child _____[70] that many people do not acknowledge or understand.