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aaaaaaaa [29] – n. eulogy delivered by someone who has never met the deceased:

Sweet pigs and chickens, a terrible aaaaaaa [77] may be awkward to sit through but a aaaaaaa [29] makes any funeral feel infinitely more depressing.


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aaaaaa[131] – n. argument that can not be resolved because one of the participants dies:

When she read about techniques used to treat phantom limb pain, she wished that there was a similar treatment for the suffering caused by aaaaaa[131]. If only there was a way to receive a aaaaaaaaaaa [35] that simply said, “You are forgiven.” or “There will be plenty of time to reconcile our differences in the afterlife.” A professional forger or skywriter could make a fortune by providing that service for mourners.


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aaaaaaaaaa[173] – n. an overlooked or insignificant detail from a preaaaaaa[27] moment that gains greater significance in  postaaaaaa[27]:

Going back through photos for the memorial service, the aaaaaaaa[39] stopped at a picture taken exactly one year before. He was overwhelmed by the aaaaaaaaaa[173] of her shirt which exclaimed in block letters, “Wish You Were Here.”  It felt like a magical aaaaaaaaaaa[35]and he aaaaaaa[12]ed. 



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aaaaaaa[81] n. season after the casseroles stop arriving and other people go back to their lives:

Another aaaaaaaaa[74] warned her that she would be enveloped by feelings of isolation and resentment when aaaaaaa[81] started. She was embarrassed to admit that this was also when she noticed her aaaaaaaa [31] for the first time. She was so envious of the people who could just return to their preaaaaaa [27] routines and life.


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aaaaaaaaaaa [35] – n. communication via email, text, letter, or voicemail that arrives after the sender has died:

He did not know why his wife was aaaaaaa [12] until he saw the handwriting on the envelope and realized  that she was holding a aaaaaaaaaaa [35] from her sister.


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aaaaaaaaa[46] – v. to lie about the cause of someone’s death (often caused by aaaaaaaaaa[20]):

His mother stammered and aaaaaaaaa[46]ed to their friends because she blamed herself for his brother’s suicide.



aaaaaaaa[49] – n. parent who outlives a child:

Are the words orphan and widow just vestiges from a time when they were classes of people who required legal guardians to take control of their finances and property? Would the English language have names for aaaaaaaaa[49] aaaaaaaaa[74], a semiaaaaaaaaa[74], and a aaaaaaaaa[41] if they were legal entities that required custodial care?


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aaaaaaaaa[36] – n. guilt caused by aaaaaaaa [31]:

The aaaaaaaaa[36] towards her mom sometimes made it challenging to spend time with some of her mother’s close friends. She could not admit to them that she felt tremendous aaaaaaaa [31] because they had been in the midst of a prolonged aaaaaa[131]



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aaaaaaaa [31] – n. anger at someone for dying:

While it may be normal to feel aaaaaaaa [31] towards your father, she had no idea how to discuss the aaaaaa[99] generated by the remains of a robotic aaaaaa[7]. After watching audiences respond to L3-37 in Solo, however, she thought more people could be sympathetic to her rather bizarre situation now.


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aaaaaaaaaa [32] – n. date when you have lived more of your life without someone than you did with them:

Another aaaaaaaaa[41] confided that he really struggled when he realized that he had passed the aaaaaaaaaa[32] for his older brother. He found himself measuring his life up against what he imagined his brother would have accomplished in that time and triggered his greatest insecurities.