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aaaaaaaaa[63] – adj. missing and presumed dead without ever having confirmation:

Imagine how challenging it must be if your family member is aaaaaaaaa[63]. How do you balance your need for closure with your hope that your loved one is still alive? The emotional pressure must be unbearable.


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aaaaaaaaa[23] adj. showing tremendous insensitivity to the beliefs of a mourner:

The aaaaaaaaa [23] pastor stunned his neighbors during  the aaaaaaa[43] for their feline aaaaaa[7] with his aaaaaaaa[17] that animals have no souls.


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aaaaaa[7] – n. non human member of a family or community:

What is the difference between a pet and a aaaaaa[7]? While there is significant overlap between the two,  a aaaaaa[7] also can refer to less traditional companion animals, e.g. hives of bees, a flock of ducks, treasured orchids or a special tree. In modern blended families aaaaaa [7] could even describe  emerging technological creations. Military animals that serve alongside humans are also aaaaaa [7]s.


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aaaaaaa [89] – v. to bury someone in secret:

She struggled to describe the unique challenges of being an aaaaaa[88], e.g. the aaaaaaaa [82] that her son was a mass murderer who committed suicide, aaaaaaa [89]ing her son, aaaaaaaaaaa[62]ing her son in the midst of a community grieving for his victims.


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aaaaaaaa[51] – n. electronic device that continues trying to signal to its dead owner:

When the police led them out of the school they tried to ignore the  aaaaaaaa[51]s  buzzing as people tried desperately to contact their dead friends.


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aaaaaaaa [10] – n. ceremony performed in a language that you can not speak or understand:

The first funeral she attended was a aaaaaaaa [10] at a Polish- Catholic church for her grandfather and the experience made death feel even more mysterious.


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aaaaaa [18] – n. place where you received the news that a loved one or ones died:

Who knows why she assumed that every mundane detail of the aaaaaa[18] would remain in her memory? Was it just that those early moments of shock brought everything she had ever taken for granted into surreal relief? As she realized how rapidly details dissolved into aaaaaaaaa[157]s, she obsessively documented the site’s less obvious attributes in as many media as possible.


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aaaaaaa[68] – n. last conversation:

Hearing him describe going to the hospital with his current wife to share a aaaaaaa[68] with his former mother in law, made her wish that more divorces could be so graceful and compassionate.


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aaaaaaaa[56] – n. stain left by a dead body:

Everything is her room looked exactly the same as when she left. Only the the view was different because the peachy tones of the sunset now highlighted the aaaaaaaa[56]  at the aaaaaaaaa[116] on the street.


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aaaaaaaa [44] – n. lonesome duty of carrying someone else’s story after their death:

Whenever she resented the weight of her aaaaaaaa [44], she gathered strength from the memory of Nadezhda Mandelstam who memorized all of her husband’s poems (including the ones he wrote for his paramours). Nadezhda mentally repeated each text for decades until his poetry could be published. She couldn’t help but wonder, though, if Nadezhda was ever plagued by aaaaaaaa [31] or possiblyaaaaaaaaa[36] towards Osip.