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aaaaaaa[68] – n. last conversation:

Hearing him describe going to the hospital with his current wife to share a aaaaaaa[68] with his former mother in law, made her wish that more divorces could be so graceful and compassionate.


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aaaaaaaa[56] – n. stain left by a dead body:

Everything is her room looked exactly the same as when she left. Only the the view was different because the peachy tones of the sunset now highlighted the aaaaaaaa[56]  at the aaaaaaaaa[116] on the street.


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aaaaaaaa [44] – n. lonesome duty of carrying someone else’s story after their death:

Whenever she resented the weight of her aaaaaaaa [44], she gathered strength from the memory of Nadezhda Mandelstam who memorized all of her husband’s poems (including the ones he wrote for his paramours). Nadezhda mentally repeated each text for decades until his poetry could be published. She couldn’t help but wonder, though, if Nadezhda was ever plagued by aaaaaaaa [31] or possiblyaaaaaaaaa[36] towards Osip.


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aaaaaa[85] – pref. relationship to another person through organ donation:

Not all organ donor families are comfortable meeting the organ recipients but his donor family reached out to him earlier than usual.  He kept in touch with his aaaaaa[85]-mother for the rest of her life. She enjoyed aaaaaaa[25]ing him especially since he carried a aaaaaaa[107] for her son within him.


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aaaaaaaaaaa[138] – 1.  n. typographical, spelling, or grammatical error on a tombstone;

aaaaaaaaaaa[138] – 2.  n. any grievance that can never be forgiven once someone dies:

As he stared at the gravestone’s aaaaaaaaaa[157]s, he pondered the scale and magnitude of the emotional storms he would have to endure to wear down the  aaaaaaaaaaa[138]s he carried.

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aaaaaaaaaa[157] – n. time ravaged impression once considered to be a aaaaaaa[107]  that inevitably becomes blurry:

The widow was distressed when she went to aaaaaaaaaa[127] of her husband and could no longer find any aaaaaaa [9]s in the fabric. She feared that his musky odor would rapidly become a aaaaaaaaaa[157] without this mnemonic aid.

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aaaaaaaaaa[125] – n. dehumanized callousness developed through prolonged exposure to death and human suffering:

When you shower widows, orphans, aaaaaaaaa[74]s, semiaaaaaaaaa[74]s, aaaaaaaa[49]s, and aaaaaaaaa[41]s with aaaaaaaaaa[125], you should probably seek a good therapist and resign from your job as a death benefits officer.


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aaaaaaa[107] –  n. indelible evidence of a person’s existence:

When the aaaaaaaaa [41] shaved her head, she revealed a childhood scar from a misadventure with her older brother. It was oddly comforting to realize that she would always carry one this aaaaaaa[107]s for him.

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aaaaaaaaaa[113] – v. to empty a space, e.g. home, office, studio, treehouse, car that once belonged to the deceased:

It was almost impossible for the  two aaaaaaaaa[74]s to aaaaaaaaaa[113] their parents’ bedroom because every drawer was filled with things that aaaaaaa [12]. Even though they were not trying to aaaaaaaaaa[127] they were overwhelmed by aaaaaaa [9]s. 


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              [79] – v. to viscerally differentiate between a sleeping body and a dead one:

She could not articulate how she               [79]ed but she instinctively shielded her children from seeing their father on the sofa.