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aaaaaaaa[55]– n. tragedy that inspires people to get divorced:

Becoming a aaaaaaaa[49] is very frequently a aaaaaaa[55].


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aaaaaaaa[71] v. to lose track of who is alive and who is dead

Each morning when she woke up alone, she would aaaaaaaa[71] and begin the day sobbing as she tried to remember who was still alive in her family.


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aaaaaaaaaa[207] – n. season of an indeterminate length where mental fogginess overwhelms and undermines a person in the aftermath of trauma:

During the aaaaaaaaaa[207] the aaaaaaaa[39] often forgot to shower or eat. Instead of aaaaaaaaa[136]ing when he began to mention his husband, he would just drift out of the conversation.


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aaaaaaaa[28] n. someone who has been resuscitated multiple times:

The aaaaaaaa[28] has lost track of how many times he has overdosed. Several of his family members reluctantly admit that they have already begun to aaaaaaaaa[171] for him. 


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aaaaaaaaa[171]– v. to pre-grieve or to experience anticipatory grief:

When she attended the funeral for a friend’s father, she noticed that she was imagining her own life as a semiaaaaaaaaa[74]. Was this empathy or was she aaaaaaaaaa[171]ing her own father as a way to mitigate anticipated pain?


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aaaaaaaaaaa[67] – n. morbid curiosity about the person who killed someone that you knew:

On nights when she could not sleep, her aaaaaaaaaaa[67] would prompt her to google the name of the person who killed her parents.


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aaaaaaaa[8] – n. an uninformative or vague obituary often about a younger person who died in a mass tragedy:

After many phone calls to relatives, the exhausted journalist wrote anaaaaaaaa[8] because no one could describe much about the deceased beyond her love of yogurt.


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aaaaaa[135] – n. deluge of paperwork that occurs after someone dies:

There is something so soul crushing about answering the same questions over and over again as mourners wade through the aaaaaa[135]. Encountering aaaaaaaaaa[125] along the way can sink you for at least a week or more.


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aaaaaaaaa[136] – v. to awkwardly adjust verb tenses after a person dies:

The early stages of grieving where almost every conversation stalled while she aaaaaaaaa[136]ed reminded her of the awkwardness, frustration, and embarrassment of learning to drive a stick shift.