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aaaaaaa[185]– n. place where grieving is expected or where it is safe and comfortable to grieve:

When they happened upon a memorial for David Bowie outside his home on Lafayette Street, they appreciated having a aaaaaaa[185] both to aaaaaaa[59] and to simply let their own sorrow for other losses surface.

installation based illustration available here


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          [64]  – v. to author your own obituary:

She           [64]ed to ease the burden on her son who struggled to write confidently even under the best of circumstances.


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aaaaaaaa[6] – n. funeral or memorial ceremony for multiple family or community members:

Identifying thoughtful speakers who could offer            [4]s instead of aaaaaaa[77]for their aaaaaaaa[6] felt much more complicated than organizing her wedding.


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aaaaaa[4]– n. eulogy that evokes the uniqueness of the deceased:

The first time he heard a aaaaaa[4] instead of a aaaaaaa [29], he was astounded by its ability to make his own grief seem more logical and how connected he felt to the other mourners.


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aaaaaaaa [166] – n. unsolvable puzzle left in the wake of a tragedy:

When his wife left the house that morning, her last words were, “I will be your substitute today.” For the rest of his life, he wrestled with the aaaaaaaa [166] of wondering if his wife had some premonition that she would die and he would survive the bombing of Hiroshima.

illustrative haiku by guest artist, Mark Dimor, available here


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aaaaaaaa[123]– v. to draw strength or comfort from the memory of someone who has died by wearing the deceased’s clothing:

The  aaaaaaa[49] realized that he wore the same sized shoes as his son when he picked up his son’s belongings from the school. While he could not aaaaaaaa[123] the shoes his son was wearing when he was killed because they were aaaaaaaaa[86]ed, he began to select other shoes from his son to aaaaaaaa[123] on aaaaaaaaaaa[114]s, to meet with families of other school shooting victims, and to advocate for laws to prevent similar tragedies.


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aaaaaaaaaaa[114] – n. (usually plural) holiday, anniversary, or other annual event that becomes unbearably painful because of someone’s death:

The widow told her that early June was overloaded with aaaaaaaaaaa[114]s, the anniversary of her husband’s death, their wedding anniversary, and Father’s day. 


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aaaaaa[61] – v. to die en route to someone else’s funeral

The aaaaaaaa[49]grief was compounded by the additional loss of three elderly relatives from out of state who aaaaa[61]ed on the way to their child’s funeral.


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aaaaaaaaa[38] – n. bearer of sad tidings:

Being the aaaaaaaaa[38] was complicated by the the search for all of their parents’ friends’ phone numbers. Since both their parents’ phones and computers were in the mangled remains of their car and were currently considered evidence, the aaaaaaaaa[74]s resorted to googling names and last known addresses. As awful as it was each time they had to inform someone that their dear friend was dead, it was worse when the person on the other end had to explain that they had called the wrong number.


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aaaaaaa [59] – v. to mourn for someone/something (often a celebrity) that you never knew personally but you feel connected to somehow:

In the years after the attack on the playground, whenever she read about another mass shooting, she aaaaaaa[59]ed all the victims.