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aaaaaa[135] – n. deluge of paperwork that occurs after someone dies:

There is something so soul crushing about answering the same questions over and over again as mourners wade through the aaaaaa[135]. Encountering aaaaaaaaaa[125] along the way can sink you for at least a week or more.


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aaaaaaaaa[136] – v. to awkwardly adjust verb tenses after a person dies:

The early stages of grieving where almost every conversation stalled while she aaaaaaaaa[136]ed reminded her of the awkwardness, frustration, and embarrassment of learning to drive a stick shift.


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aaaaaaa[58] – n. milestone or important event that the deceased will not be able to attend:

When a aaaaaaaaa[74] graduates from college is one of the painful aaaaaaa[58]s that people often do not anticipate.

photographic illustration available here


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aaaaa[137] – v. [rare] to mix cremains into ceramic glaze so that they can decorate an object instead of being contained by one:

It was unclear whether her desire to have her ashes aaaaa[137]ed would prove to be a aaaaaaaaa[96]. Perhaps it was just a matter of finding a willing potter.


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aaaaaaa[93] – v. [rare] to be entombed in a boulder

He had always planned to have his ashes scattered from a cliff until noticed a plaque along his favorite hiking path that described a man aaaaaaa[93]ed at the scenic overview. His children wished that he had investigated how to accomplish this aaaaaaaaa [96] before he had it added to his will.


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aaaaaaaaa [96] – n. dying wish or posthumous request that is absurdly challenging or impossible to fulfill:

The aaaaaaaaa[74]s wished that there was a way to send a message to their parents when they had accomplished the aaaaaaaaa [96]. In spite of all ridiculous obstacles and challenges working against them, they had repaired their relationship.


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aaaaaa [45] – v. to face the person/people responsible for the death of a loved one or loved ones:

When she finally aaaaaa [45] in court, she wondered how he could bear the aaaaaaaaa[119] of so many people.


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Aaaaaaa[152] –  1.  v. to jumpstart a car with a hearse;

2. v. to believe that someone is alive in the midst of the aaaaaaaa[151] only to remember they are dead when you wake;

The young semiaaaaaaaaa[74] hated going to sleep even when she didn’t have nightmares. Each morning when she Aaaaaaa[152]ed, she felt as thought she lost her father again and again and again.


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aaaaaaaa[151] – n. liminal pre-conscious space just before waking:

In the Aaaaaaaaa[151]each morning, she looked forward to sensing her husband’s body next to hers. Gradually, she would remember his aaaaaaaa[130]. She hated this morning routine of Aaaaaaa[152]ing.


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Aaaaaaaa[220]– n. treasured memory from preaaaaaa[27]:

During the first postaaaaaa[27]year, the aaaaaaaa[80]found her Aaaaaaaa[220]s were unbearably painful.