NO GOING BACK, a reversible text written by Barry Duncan illustrating aaaaaaaaaa[66]

Reversing past mistakes? Difficult. Some are so painful. Regret bitter. Memories too vivid. Disappointment deep. Wounds still hurt. But can’t I go back? Sadness is life now. Then change! Can’t you understand? To begin again. Start over. It’s possible, isn’t it?

Return to how it was. Easy enough. Far back. Gone. Before friends crossed. Bridges burned. Letters sent. Words? Angry, too. Hope faded. Before all that. After then, it was when everything changed. That one decision, one that changed everything. When was it? Then, after that, all before faded. Hope, too. Angry words sent. Letters burned. Bridges crossed. Friends before: gone. Back far enough. Easy, was it? How to return?

It isn’t possible. It’s over. Start again? Begin to understand: You can’t change then now. Life is sadness. Back? Go? I can’t! But hurt still wounds deep. Disappointment vivid, too. Memories bitter. Regret painful. So, are some difficult mistakes past reversing?

Originally commissioned and presented as part of Monkeyhouse’s piece,

BACK GOING NO GOING BACK, at Springstep in Medford, MA in 2013


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