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aaaaaaa[185]– n. place where grieving is expected or where it is safe and comfortable to grieve:

When they happened upon a memorial for David Bowie outside his home on Lafayette Street, they appreciated having a aaaaaaa[185] both to aaaaaaa[59] and to simply let their own sorrow for other losses surface.

installation based illustration available here


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aaaaa[87] – n. generation of artists and mentors lost to a tragic event:

It can be difficult to measure the enormity of the aaaaaa[87] from the AIDS crisis because the stigma of the disease encouraged family members to aaaaaaaa[46] in obituaries and other public records.


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Aaaaaaaa[15] – n. one who outlives their twin:

Aaaaaaaa[15]s face even more unique challenges than aaaaaaaaa[41]s especially if they were identical. In addition to losing a person who has been with them since conception, they must look in the mirror and see a dead person’s likeness. Their grief and isolation can be increased if friends and family members avoid or shun them because the resemblance is too similar.


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aaaaaaaaa[145] – n. remarried widow or widower:

It irritated the aaaaaaaaa [145] that once he remarried, people thought his grief for his first wife was somehow erased.

anti [101]

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anti aaaaa [101] – n. loss that elicits contempt, anger or scorn from others

The aaaaaaaaa[41]’ s grief was decreed to be an anti aaaaa [101] by her uncle who insisted that she aaaaaaaaaa[62] or not at all.


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aaaaaaaaa[134] – n. last meal with someone:

If their daughter could have predicted that this would be their aaaaaaaaa[134], would she have dawdled so long in the furniture store before meeting them?


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aaaaaaaa[147] – n. someone who survives the death of multiple spouses:

The aaaaaaaaa[74] was bewildered by which details to put on her mother’s tombstone or where to bury her. As a aaaaaaaa[147] who had two late husbands and one current “companion”, there were many options but none of them felt comfortable.


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Aaaaa[100] – n. first funeral you ever attend:

Another researcher emphasized that people in Black communities tend to be significantly younger than their White counterparts when they attend their Aaaaa[100] because of the inescapable violence these communities face.


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aaaaaaaaa[119]– n. weight of knowing that you took someone’s life:

When she read about a two year-old who accidentally shot and killed his brother, she wondered how theaaaaaaaaa[41] would process theaaaaaaaaa[119] later in life.


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aaaaaa[60]– n. volunteer pallbearer for a aaaa[73] (most commonly a veteran):

His experience as a aaaaaa[60]in high school encouraged him to volunteer to aaaaaaaaaa[54] after he graduated from college and made him more comfortable around death.


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aaaaa[73] – n. person without any living family or friends who dies without any mourners:

The aaaaaa[60] was saddened that she knew so little about the homeless veteran they were burying who was a aaaaa[47] of his military unit as well as a aaaaa[73].