a driveway that no longer leads up to the space where a house used to stand

Welcome to this interdisciplinary lament for the words that the English language lacks for lamenting. Just like grief, it manifests in a wide variety of surprising forms including entries, illustrations, and irlĀ events. Oh, and there is a book version that you can buy.

Before you dive in to this ongoing project, you might want to read the guide, the introduction, or the dedication. Be aware that some entries deal with aspects of grief that may be uncomfortable or triggering.


This dictionary was created as part of my          [44]  in  the aftermath of the  car crash that killed  Patrick M. Krolak, Rita Krolak, and Dr. Patrick D. Krolak on August 25, 2012.

It is dedicated to the aaaaaaaa [19]  that continues to support me in the aftermath of this tragedy. Wonderful beings who reminded me that I was alive and loved on a daily basis. If you have sat quietly by my side or made me laugh loud enough to raise the dead, you are a part of this group. If you shared stories or encouraged me on this project, I am truly indebted to your generosity.  I am so grateful and humbled by your kindness.

handmade wooden sign that reads Krolak Lily Garden