About k

As you may have guessed, karen Krolak, creator of the Dictionary of Negative Space, is well acquainted with grief, loss, and pain. On August 25, 2012, an SUV in upstate New York crossed the median strip of a rural highway and crashed into her parents’ car instantly killing her mother, father, and older brother.

While she had endured significant losses earlier in life, nothing prepared her for suddenly becoming a aaaaaaaaa[74] and a aaaaaaaaa[41]. The three people who were her first definition of home and who were woven into almost every subsequent word that she learned from there vanished from her world. For reasons that she can not explain, however, she made a pact with herself as she stood talking to the policemen who came to inform her of the tragedy. She promised herself that she would remain creative in the midst of this senseless destruction. Please know that this was not an easy choice to cling to but it did lead her to this ongoing project.