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aaaaaaaaaaa[148]– n. donated organ that can survive being recycled to multiple recipients:

The aaaaaaaa[49] was devastated when heard that one of her aaaaaa[85]-children was killed in a car accident. The news made her feel as though her daughter died another death. You can imagine how stunned she was when she learned that her daughter’s kidney was one of the first aaaaaaaaaaa[148]s and that it extended the life of another young father.


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Aaaaaaaaa[105] – n. overfull or overwhelmed morgue:

Who is looking out for the mental wellbeing of death care industry workers in sections of the country with Aaaaaaaaa[105]s caused by opioid overdose deaths? How are we going to support them when those areas get hit by this pandemic?


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aaaaaaa[98] – n. tragedy that inspires people to get married or get pregnant:

He was surprised to discover that hurricanes and other natural disasters can be aaaaaaa[55]s whereas many man made catastrophes are more often aaaaaaaa[98]s.


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aaaaaaa[128] – v. to preserve a deceased person’s room or belongings exactly as the person left them:

They were memorized by the black and white photography series, Bedrooms of the Fallen by Ashley Gilbertson, documenting families who aaaaaaa[128]ed a soldier’s bedroom.


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aaaaaaaaa[102] – n. secret that dies with someone:

Her great grandmother apparently kept moreaaaaaaaaa[102]s than anyone had realized. Several decades after her death when public records went online, they discovered many surprising questions about her past. For instance,  who had fathered her first child?


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aaaaa[87] – n. generation of artists and mentors lost to a tragic event:

It can be difficult to measure the enormity of the aaaaaa[87] from the AIDS crisis because the stigma of the disease encouraged family members to aaaaaaaa[46] in obituaries and other public records.


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Aaaaaaaa[15] – n. one who outlives their twin:

Aaaaaaaa[15]s face even more unique challenges than aaaaaaaaa[41]s especially if they were identical. In addition to losing a person who has been with them since conception, they must look in the mirror and see a dead person’s likeness. Their grief and isolation can be increased if friends and family members avoid or shun them because the resemblance is too similar.


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aaaaaaaaa[145] – n. remarried widow or widower:

It irritated the aaaaaaaaa [145] that once he remarried, people thought his grief for his first wife was somehow erased.

anti [101]

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anti aaaaa [101] – n. loss that elicits contempt, anger or scorn from others

The aaaaaaaaa[41]’ s grief was decreed to be an anti aaaaa [101] by her uncle who insisted that she aaaaaaaaaa[62] or not at all.


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aaaaaaaaa[134] – n. last meal with someone:

If their daughter could have predicted that this would be their aaaaaaaaa[134], would she have dawdled so long in the furniture store before meeting them?