_____ [43] – n. funeral, burial, or memorial for a _____[7]:

When her phone began to malfunction, she struggled with an irrational suspicion that electronic overlords were punishing her for tossing her family’s robotic  _____[7]into a dumpster without any sort of_____ [43]. Of course, she knew that this  _____[7]  had been mechanically inoperable for more than a decade and maybe even longer. Perhaps if her father or her family could have articulated their relationship to the little electronic family member, someone could have planned a more compassionate _____ [43] and everyone would have felt a greater sense of closure. One of the curses of being a veritable pioneer of the information age, however, was that language for situations like this had not been invented yet. You can not adequately mourn something that you can not properly acknowledge.

Photographic illustration of _____ [43]

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